Bricks / Blocks

Why Choose Melbourne Brick for Your Brick Needs?

Discover a vast range of bricks sourced from Australia's top suppliers like Adbri Masonry, Austral, Selkirk, Boral, and more.

Whether it's matching bricks for renovation or creating a unique look, we offer solutions in pressed brick, natural stone, and man-made blocks.

As your trusted supplier, we bring over 100 years of combined expertise, providing the right advice for sourcing and matching bricks, whether for traditional homes or modern designer projects. Our strong relationships with major brick suppliers allow us to sample all jobs based on customer requirements, catering to both budget-conscious homeowners and premium designer specifications.

With building rendering accounting for over half of home finishes, we stock a vast range of commons, masonry bricks, clay bricks, and blocks, including pressed brick, natural stone, and man-made blocks for a rendered finish. Choose Melbourne Brick for inspired brick solutions that elevate your project.