Fire Brick

Fire Brick

Turn Your Pizza Dreams into Reality with Melbourne Brick's Fire Bricks!

Unlock your pizza dreams with Melbourne Brick's fire bricks, perfect for building your own pizza oven at home. Impress family, friends, and neighbours with your culinary skills and amazing pizza oven!

Our fire bricks are versatile and suitable for pizza ovens, fireplaces, gas and wood ovens, combustion heaters, and forges. They withstand high temperatures and are perfect for DIY projects.

For your needs, choose from three gauges - 76mm, 50mm, and 35mm. Our high-density bricks are ideal for backyard BBQs, pizza ovens, and firepit areas.

Crafted from premium fire clay, our Australian-made bricks ensure durability and longevity even in extreme temperatures. Find them at all Melbourne Brick locations and online.

Embrace wood-fired cooking with our exceptional fire bricks, creating unique flavours and even cooking. Experience the charm of brick ovens now!